Not having a good day

I never loaned from the IB-group (now DUO) because I didn't need to.
Now, because of circumstances, I could use some extra money. But apparently I am no longer qualified to start a loan because there is a limited period in which you can loan regardless of how much money you loaned in the past.
Been trying to get a job but thats not going well either, so end result I am pretty much fucked.
In addition I went to renew my ID-card, because I received a letter to do so. My old card was still valid till may, my new card expires on a march. So that also kind of left me feeling ripped off.

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End of the World of Warcraft

Yup, I am quitting wow as of today. I started late TBC so somewhere between 2007 and 2008 I think? Why so late you might think, well I never wanted to start figuring I would get addicted, but then my girlfriend of all people bought me a trial version. So yeah totally her own fault right?

I started playing a human paladin and started exploring Azeroth and leveling solo. In hindsight protection probably wasn't the best spec to level in, especially in that period of time. Not only was protection paladin hardly a viable spec we also didn't have any fancy LFDungeon que.

So as you can imagine it took me quite some time killing mobs and doing quest inching my way to the max level. I started in a guild called Elysium because that was where my friends were. Guild chat was usually a lot of people I didn't know talk about things I didn't get.

When I was finally in outlands, getting close to max level, I started to get ready for doing dungeons. Because at that time you actually had to grind dungeons, then heroics to be able to do raids. Funny enough the spec I leveled all the way with was actually quite handy now that I was max level. Tanks were rare and good tanks were even rarer.

Now I wouldn't claim I was an awesome tank at the start, but I picked up pretty fast. Going through sites like maintankadin, wowhead, and tankspot. And before I knew it I was suddenly in a little place called Karazhan taking undead hooves to the face. Well the first night I think we didn't even reach the boss but I was determined to make it work. So after some research I stumbled upon things as crushing blows and being at a minimum defense number (NO! it is NOT a defense cap! A cap would imply that going over doesn't have a benefit but it did, more avoidance). So yeah, I went into my first raid without enough defense to avoid taking critical hits and without enough avoidance to push crushing blows off the table.
Oh yeah, today avoiding crits is taking a talent and raid bosses don't have crushing blows anymore. Because of course the casuals need to be able to play too...

So as I did research and get more gear from dungeons the raids suddenly became more successful. Suddenly, instead of taking undead hooves to the face, I was tanking an undead butler back in the time where being dwarven was OP because you could use it to negate garrote.
As I did research I also kinda took the position of raid leader, I was usually the one who knew what to do and guided people through the encounters and sometimes even helping them with getting to know their class.
The succes of this was really great, I felt like I was managing a team of friends through complex puzzles. It felt rewarding and as suspected I was kinda addicted to it from that point on. It wasn't all good though, we never did have a stable raid team and pugs for some reason always seem to be annoying. But overall (by the power of nostalgic) the experience was great.

Enter Wrath of the Lich king. At the start I out-leveled about everyone in my guild by far. So I started being a pug myself, and ended up tagging along with a 25 man guild regularly. And when my guild got to the new max level I started leading them again. But two things nagged at me, first of all I wasn't enjoying being a tank anymore. At WotLK paladins were accepted tanks but it was also a lot less involving and as such less rewarding. So I started leveling alts and doing other stuff, healing was boring for me as well but dps was exciting.

But this also made that other nagging feeling even bigger. The feeling that I was just simply better then pretty much anyone in my guild (to be fair I was also the one putting in the most time). When I tanked there weren't loose adds, I would pop cd's when I needed and rarely died. When I healed everyone was as topped off as possible while not going out of mana and the meters would say I did the most healing. When I took on the role of dps stuff died faster, I would be top of the damage meters and adds died faster and berserk timers didn't seem a problem.
It was of course still a team effort but whatever I played I just noticed that that part would then go much smoother.

So I decided, late WotLK, to find a new home with people that were performing more to my own level. So I applied to Golden Hunters, and because their name was golden HUNTERS I applied with my hunter (yes that was actually a reason for choosing what character I would play). So my dwarf became an orc and on my first of raiding with that guild I was at the Lich King (the last boss of that expansion). And I wasn't topping the dps meter this time, I wasn't even close ;) But my performance for my gear was considered fine and I was allowed to stay. And I was giving out advice as much as I was receiving it this time.

When cataclysm hit I switched to warlock, as I didn't like the focus mechanic the hunters would be getting and I really liked the idea of the warlock ability to self-heal (of course that would get nerfed more and more but I still like the class). I also took up the job of raid leading again, the ones who usually did it wanted a break from it, so me and two others stepped up. That worked for a time but eventually the guild kinda  collapsed. I could give a few reasons as to why it might of went wrong, but I am not sure so I am not going to because I might offend people if I do. So let's just say sometimes it just doesn't work.

So the last part of my WoW days were spent in Vendetta Council with a select couple of players from the old Golden Hunters. And all was good again. But as time went on I kinda lost my will to play. The game just doesn't change, sure there are some cute changes but at its core it is still the same and I feel I mastered all there is to master. The only way up would be to take another step up and go into a very hardcore guild, but that has never appealed to me.

So for that reason I have decided to stop, well that and because the game just keeps getting easier. That and I really don't like the new stuff they announced for the new expansion, pandas, pokemon style battles in an oriental setting. Yeah I'll pass. So with nothing to look forward to, the game being to easy and the same thing, I decided to stop.

I might still pop up every now and then, my subscription goes to February 2. But if I do it will be to do some casual stuff or if my guild is short a dps and I happen to have time. But that would be all.

So yeah, I am quitting wow...
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I just cannot control it!

I keep making characters I want to play. I don't have enough time to play them all! :P

Anyway my latest creation is pretty beastly. Just created him for fun at this point, but might want to play him some day.
Its a a half-ogre who went dragonborn (races of destiny / races of dragons) with the war hulker prestige class (miniature handbook).

Here he is at some levels.

Not sure about feats at this time. Thinking about dropping Iron Will for Endurance into Steadfast Determination, which lets me use my CON for will saves. Or maybe something else entirely.
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Look mom I am on (internet) TV!

So I decided to go stream, specifically my SC2 games. I already watched quite some streams and figured "hell I can do that too".  All it takes is finding a good free software package to try it out :D I am using xsplit (Beta) to stream on at the moment. Until they come out of beta its free, so not sure what to do after. They mention on their site that beta users get 70% off (the first 2 years?), so if I qualify for that I just might buy it.
So after fiddling with the settings I streamed some games, and at some point I had 5! viewers lol. One was myself (to view chat), two were Rifite and Chaplain_Aldaris, but who were those other 2? Probably someone that saw my announcement on Facebook or Twitter, which I will continue to use to announce when I go live. But if you want you can also sign up on (for free) and follow my stream. Then you get an e-mail each time I start the stream.

Now I just need to get used to talking while playing, which is a bit tricky. But the nice thing is I play more games. Most SC2 players will tell you its a bit daunting hitting that "Find Match" button, especially on 1v1 ladder, which is funny because literally the worst that could happen is you lose a game. But still it exists. While I am streaming however, even with 0 viewers, I tend to hit that button more rapidly not wanting to waste time of my viewers. Yes even when the counter is at 0 :P
Also wanting to commentate my games also seems to keep me focused for some reason. Things sound different when you voice them as to when they are just in your head I guess.

So once again that stream is
for those interested of course.

(At the time of writing the whole website seems to be down, talk about timing)
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One of the strategies I read from my malconvoker was to polymorph summoned creatures into other stuff.
Most noteable centipedes (high HD) into Hydras.

For example the SM3 fiendish centipede has 6HD and could be poly'd into a 6 headed hydra.
But would that be worth it I am pondering.
It would require another 4th lvl spell, also does stuff like Augment Summoning get wasted in the transformation? Couldn't really find any info on that.

Later there is a 12HD centipede for a juicy 12-headed hydra but like the 6 headed version it won't get its Fast Healing, and with no DR either, is it worth it (one SM6 and one polymorph (spell level 4)?


This is what I am thinking of now (excluding magic items). Working out all summonable creatures sure took some time. But has to be done before I bring him to the table.
Not sure about the sculpt spell meta though, nice for higher level cloud sculpting. But not so much when I don't have a lot of spell leves.
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It's been a while

Lots happened, not all of it good. Some of it very bad in fact.
School is still at a snails pace, and don't really have the mental energy to kick it into the next gear. Also been tired physcial due to heavy larp season, but at least that helped me retain my sanity.
It is nothing I can't handle in the long run, but two deaths and one more on its way all so quickly after one and other just took all the energy right out of me.

Game wise is going ok too. GH effectively fell apart, raiding wise for now anyway. I did my best there as I did back in Elysium but I guess it wasn't ment to be. I am in a new guild now, 10 man. And currently we are 12/12N and 2/13H not a bad start. I have decided that I will try and stay away from officership if I can though, it usually starts out nice, but I don't think I have what it takes to handle things when things go bad. Not sure if either situation could have been resolved really, I do know however it takes a lot out of me because I tend to get involved too much.

I am enjoying SC2 a lot, switched protoss for some fun and tuesday has been declared SC2 night by riftie and chaplain_aldaris. There are some bad nights when you get cheesed the whole damn time, but we generally have some nice matches and are doing very well. I mean, at least we are out of bronze :P

Also working on a 3.5 char, wizard (conjurer)/master specialist/malconvoker. Lots of work, but I am enjoying just making him at the moment. Any suggestions are welcome ;)
Currently working on my Summonable creatures book (stats and such)
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Yet another update

So soon? Yes so soon. Friday was the last official day as my internship at PAT, note that I say official because I will continue to stay there to work on stuff and hoping to get a job there after my education which I am hoping to finish at exactly the end of this school year.
I was surprised to see they had arranged a little something for my 'going away', which is funny since I will be back the 16th already but still. There was cake, coffee, a little speech from the director, some talking about the next project I might be going to do at PAT and a little present.
I got a World of Warcraft gamecard, which I think is totally cool. It is not so much the gift itself, but more the fact that I got it from the place where I work pretty much telling me they accept me for who I am.

On another note this weekend was the annual weekend away with my family and also me and Merel's 6th year anniversary. It was a fun weekend and I got to achieve my objective which I had set out for myself. It might seem like a silly objective to set, but my family isn't the most talkative bunch (myself included) so talking about feelings always seems to be a bit awkward. But I feel I needed to at least have a little chat with my little (half)brother about his parents (and my mom's) divorce. The fact that he is 12 and thus in puberty of course doesn't help, but I got to talk with him anyway and let him know he could always contact me to talk if he felt the need. It was still a bit awkward but I am glad I did it, he might only be my half-brother on paper but that is on paper only.
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update finally

Well it’s been a while since I updated, I am using facebook/twitter for smaller or whacky updates so be sure to follow me there if you really want to stay up to date. But then again lj still has enough charm for me to want to continue using it. I had this discussion with Niels about the subject once and what really stuck was the conclusion that on fb or twitter your messages can be easily lost in the massive amount of updates. Also lj-updates tend to be more serious (and I base this on absolutely nothing) and less of a whacky random thought thingy. Also this post should automatically appear on facebook and twitter anyway :D


Sooooo… what have you been doing you might ask, and if you are not I am still going to write it down. My internship at PAT is coming to an end and has been going well, I might actually have a future there as my work has been really well received so far. Just my ‘herkansingen’, ‘scriptie’ and ‘vrij project’ to go and I’ll be done with school, the end is finally showing on the horizon.

Living together with Merel is also going great, it is great to be around her more than just a few days a week, and in a couple days (6th November) we will have our 6th year anniversary.


Recreationally is going great too, I actually have been playing little to no WoW the last couple of months. Yes, shocking isn’t it. But have been indulging this game I never thought I would get into, Starcraft 2. I don’t like sci-fi but the game itself is just too well designed for me to ignore. And know I am zerging it up in the gold league in 1v1 and having fun in various team matches whenever I can find someone else online. The most epic wins seem to always involve Riftie, Ultra’s smashing an enemy base with his medevac’s healing me? Awesome! Scouting an obvious double protoss carrier/mothership maxed out army and then going mass expand corrupters/broodlords with him going Viking/battlecruiser? Pure gold :D Of course a certain Telgen deserves mention, especially after winning a 3v3 after me and Maglor left the game after being rushed. Also Sang told me he would have time to play soon, so looking forward to that as well.


There have also been some larps, most recently Omen, Moots and Doodspoor. Omen was nice, being a dwarven berserker sure turned out to be great. Thanks again J4 for the costume, couldn’t have pulled it off without you. Moots was nice too, I am pretty happy with my position in the game right now just a bit bummed out more and more friends stop going to the Vortex. But can’t really blame them, the larp has some pretty big pitfalls that aren’t really going away anytime soon.

Doodspoor I was actually trying to avoid, since I didn’t really feel like paying for another disaster that I know lovingly call Doodspoor Beta. But this event was actually pretty cool and I genuinely enjoyed it.